Avalon-class Command Cruiser NCC-76262-A


USS Avalon RPG

Welcome to the USS Avalon

a Star Trek PBEM Role Playing Game

We Hold The Line

A veteran crew

The USS Avalon continues the adventures of the USS Swiftsure and USS Poseidon crew, finally back
in Federation territory after 4 years of unwitting exile in Outer Perseus.

Their assignment

Transferred to a virgin sector command in the Beta Quadrant, they will be breaking new ground
at the heart of the Federation, while supporting a growing civilian presence.

Their starship

Straight out of Sixth Fleet's Regulus Shipyards, the Olympic-class variant, first of the Avalon-class and first
in the Fleet to sport Transwarp nacelles, is theirs to test-bed as their command cruiser.

From now on it is all a smooth ride for our deep-space veterans......surely?

From shaping a new command at home to exploring distant abodes across space and time, the crew
of the USS Avalon will find out once more that there is no escaping destiny.

Meritous Unit Citation

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Meritous Ribbon x3

“Sixth Fleet Meritorious Citation Unit"

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