Chief Petty Officer John Blake, Engineer's Mate

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John Blake



Place of Birth Transport Ship Shadow



Date of Birth April 19, 2342


42 (biological) 45 (official)

Marital Status Married



Eyes Brown


1m68 / 5' 6"

Weight 63 kg / 138 lbs

Skin Tone



Slim Build


Fit but does not look after his body



Wife Debra Blake Civilian Engineer (ship design)
Mother Jill Blake Chief Engineer Transport Ship Shadow
Father Unknown

Special Notice

His biological and official ages differ. See Service Records.


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Mumbles to himself when working.


Tinkering and designing, on the holo-deck engineering in history esp. 1960's earth(what he thinks is history is based of films like grease and such like.)


To be challenged and enjoy life, no real long team ambitions John's just living for the present


Engineering (carving models, fixing oddments he picks up on his travels and inventing); music with feeling, especially jazz.


Being told what to do by non-engineers; being quoted rules and regulations that he knows to be floored or incorrect.


Natural feeling for engineering, John can thing through engineering problems and simulate possible solutions in his head in a lot more detail than others.


Workaholic, feels uncomfortable being ordered around by superiors who have yet to prove themselves to him. John often uncountable around other people as he was brought up with little company. He has an additive personality. He is not an academic man.


Fixing things. John has an above average IQ and mental mathematics. He has experience with other races star ship equipment.


Federation Standard, English.


Personal History


Before Starfleet


John grew up on the transport ship Shadow, his mother was the CE and is unsure of who his father is. He grew up spending most of his free time in engineering helping his mother due to his interest of engineering and the closest person to his age was 8 years older. He gained a feel for engineering, not a by the book knowledge a real feeling of engineering.

At 17 years old he jumped ship, leaving just a note to his mother, they have hardly spoken since, she wanted him to follow in her foot steps. He then spent the next 9 years going from one transport to another, sometimes just working for the ride and food. He wanted to make it on his own and did not accept hand out from the Federation or any one else. He started just to survive but found he enjoyed the challenge and put a bit aside, but lost most by getting involved in some doggy dealing that forced him to run before they where caught. John got into and out of a more than a few scrapes as he found out about others races and their customs. John travelled mostly in the outlying lands of the Federation and alien territories as he enjoyed the social space it generated working on alien ships.
John finally got a break and settled down on Outpost 47 and managed to earn the credits to have a have a comfortable life, mostly doing jobs for the shops but did other work. During his time he became one of the real characters in the OP, with his bad sense off dress, quite often covered in grease or such like plus the fact the he used to trade rather than using credits. Security kept an eye on him but never managed to make anything stick. It was 6 years before John decided to go and find a new challenge.

John moved to Earth. He could not really get settled in as he was an outsider, with his rough attitude and bad sense of dress. The high security meant that he could not continue his doggy dealings. John lasted for just less than a year before in moved on.



After 6 month training John started working for Starfleet as a designer working on the power distribution. He worked mostly on starship design but helped in troubleshooting other projects. John slowly gained the respect of his bosses and some of the rules where relaxed for him. John ended up one of the characters of the design teem, despite him preferring to work alone nearly everyone knew who he was. After working closely together for some time he got romantically attached to Debra Cross, a computer system analyst. Their relationship worked as they where both alike. They hardly saw each other as they both worked hard. After his contract was over he decided to enrol in Starfleet proper for a challenge and something new.

In February 2385, while serving aboard the USS Swiftsure, John married civlian ship designer Debra Cross.


Career Summary

John has been a bit of a 'fish out of water' during his career, his lack of discipline nearly got him through out of Starfleet on several occasions. He did not get well in training as he sometimes knew as much as the instructors. His excellence in engineering, did not come out until he came to the USS Arizona, that had a more relaxed engineering department, he demonstrated his skill and devotion on the job.


Medical Profile

Medical Report

Although John is not partially fit he is relatively healthy except for his lack of sleep and too much caffeine. John could do with looking after himself better. I've seen him working aches and pains that would at least slow down most people. I don't know that he has a fear or medical personnel or just has problems asking for help so I suggest an eye is kept on him during times of stress I also passed this on to his DH.

Psychological Report

John is a workaholic with slightly limited social skills. He turns to work to block things out which could cause the problems to get bigger as he does not confront the problem. John need a real out let to get away from everything but he has not taken to any of my suggestions. I can foresee the possibility of serious problems if his work is ever a problem. I suggest forever monitoring, obvious despite his dislike of counsellors.


Service Record


Works as Civilian Design Contractor for Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards.


Basic Training (Starfleet Academy), Advanced Engineering Training (Starfleet Academy).


Completes Training Cruise aboard USS Churchill.Assigned to USS Arizona as Engineer's Mate, Crewman.


Transferred to USS Bismarck-B. Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class.


Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class. Transferred to USS Swiftsure NCC 26543 as Engineer's Mate.


The USS Swiftsure is reported missing with all hands early in 2380. The ship reappeared early in 2383 in orbit of Earth after a temporal jump of 3 years. **Details classified**


Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class


Promoted to Chief Petty Officer on stardate 10910.08. Transferred to the USS Poseidon NCC 89515.


Transferred to the USS Avalon NCC 76262-A.


Player Awards


Service Ribbons

3 Year Service Ribbon
100Posts Ribbon  25 Posts Ribbon
3 Year Service Ribbon

125 Posts Ribbon



Mission Ribbons


USS Avalon

    mribbon Mission Ribbon
The Lost Colony
On the Road Again

USS Poseidon

  Mission Ribbon  
  Winds of Change
Mission Ribbon
Mission ribbon Mission ribbon
  The Darkest Hour
Child's Play
New Voyages

USS Swiftsure

  Mission Ribbon   Mission Ribbon
  What We Leave Behind
Mission Ribbon Mission Ribbon Mission Ribbon Mission Ribbon
Inherit The Stars
Full Moon
Dark Veil
Mission Ribbon Mission Ribbon Mission Ribbon Mission Ribbon
The Hand Off
The Last God
A Matter of Time

Sim Awards

      McCoy Cluster
      McCoy Cluster
11001.10 - 60991.9
Cross for Distinguished Service Award Award
Cross for Distinguished Service
Joint Service Achievement Medal
Cross of Distinction

Legion of Honour
stardate -------

Fleet Awards        
Sixth Fleet
Meritous Unit Citation
10910.18- 10809.02 - 61111.9

Sixth Fleet
Order of Meritous Service