Commodore Paula Chapman-Stark, Commanding Officer

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Paula Chapman Stark



Place of Birth Jersey, Channel Islands, Earth



Date of Birth June 4, 2347


38 (biological) 41 (official)

Marital Status Married to Aloysius Stark on December 14th, 2383



Eyes Blue grey


1m70 (5' 7")

Weight 57 kg (126 lbs)

Skin Tone



Healthy and vigorous


3 dark beauty spots on her right forearm defining a delta



Husband Aloysius Stark, CAG and Third Officer
Children Anna and Michael Chapman Stark, Ryka Huren Stark
Father Gary Chapman, Starfleet engineer (Commander)
Mother Magdalena, Avant Guarde Artist, Museum curator
Sister Eloise Chapman, Art Historian

Special Notice

Her biological and official ages differ. See Service Records.


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Often stands with one or both hands behind her back, very straight and rolling on the sole of her feet as if about to spring. If thinking or reading, is generally rubbing her earlobe or resting her chin on her hand. Has an interesting habit of tossing PADDs around with excellent aim.


Trampolining, swimming, aerobatics. (She doesn't consider flight training a hobby at all.) Works on and off on a holoprogram reproducing early spacecraft and space rockets. A sucker for all Voyager material.


She has no greater ambitions at the moment than being where she is, thriving to excel and make a difference. Her role models is Admiral Kathryn Janeway.


A good dive or trampoline session when she can make the time, new experiences, hot spices and tequila.


People replaying the Dominion War over a cup of tea, who were not in the thick of it.


Hard-headed but capable of reassessing herself and falling back on her feet. A high-powered individual capable of logging more hours of work and training any day than is commonly known.
Her swift reactions got her and others out of trouble more than once.


Owing to a fast track career, she has had to develop a self assurance that relies more on quick wit than she is comfortable with. On a personal level, she is still working out how to be a commanding officer and still open up to people.


An unconfirmed and little mentioned 'sixth sense' ability may have manifested itself a couple times when the ship faced a disruption of the spacetime continuum.
As is expected from her, she can stand her own in a fight and keeps up with her weapon training and flight practice. She remains a proficiency-rated fighter pilot to this day.


Federation Standard - English - French


Personal History

Childhood and adolescence

Paula's parents are an avant guarde artist (Magdalena) and a Starfleet Engineer (Gary). They separated when Paula was 7. Magdalena returned to her native Jersey, on Earth but work soon brought her to travel extensively. Turning 11, Paula refused to follow her and her sister, preferring to stay with family in wait for her father's shoreleaves.

While Eloise sided with her mother, Paula sided with her father. His pride and guilt paid for atmospheric then space flight licenses. At 17, Paula was part of a junior competition team and lived for the rush of extreme sports. Studies came second.

Paula apprenticed herself in a civilian shipyard. Soon, competition and work clashed and she lost her place. Her ensuing bout of temper led her to fly her first senior competition beyond her high-tech craft's tolerance levels. She won - and the craft all but disintegrated after the finish buoy. She ejected at the last possible moment.

2367-2371: Starfleet Academy

Paula's father took an extended leave while she recovered from serious plasma burns. In the wake of the Wolf 359 disaster, Paula accepted her 'punishment' and spent the next year in a Prep school to join Starfleet, with Operations as her minor and Navigation as her major.

Paula's beginnings at the Academy were a rough ride. Several teachers sided with her Flight instructor in thinking she needed to be broken before she could be molded into an officer. The new Paula proved herself well enough to become a Cadet's flight coach in 2369, one year after the Kolvoord Starbust incident. In spite of this climate, her Flight instructor recruited her among the new elite squadron with the argument that a lesson learnt was meant to serve.

Paula took her final exams with uneven results. In Sciences and Diplomacy she only reached the minimum allowing her to seat the session again. This repeat semester freed of all constraints but working on her weak points counts among her best times at the Academy.

USS Silverstone (Akira)
The Badlands
As former Squadron Leader, Paula obtained to be assigned to the taskforce searching for the missing USS Voyager in the Badlands. Her dedication and fast reactions translated into a promotion to Lt (jg) after one year, and a transfer from Flight to Conn while part of the taskforce was reassigned directly to counter Maquis operations.
USS Artemis (Galaxy)
Dominion War
Paula was reassigned to a Galaxy class for the protection and evacuation of colonies and civilian operations along the moving battle front. Thanks to her track record, she was often designated for covert missions. Although she was several times wounded and lost one shuttle, she was instrumental in completing two daring rescue operations. In 2374, Paula was promoted to Lieutenant and, in 2375, became Chief Conn officer.
USS Lehmann (Olympus)
Ops - 2nd officer - Post war syndrom

A diagnosis of post war syndrom led to a reassignment as mere Operations officer only weeks after her transfer. Given a choice to go home or comply, Paula accepted the new position.

Paula spent a few months reconsidering her choices and set out to prove herself once more, applying for command courses. A promotion to Lieutenant Commander came with a position of Chief Ops.

At the end of 2377, she became the ship's Second Officer, regularly assigned to the away teams in charge of preparing and wrapping the ship's interventions.

2379- 2385
USS Swiftsure (Ambassador)

Finally, in 2379, Paula transferred to the USS Swiftsure as First Officer. After these 8 years chaotically rich with experiences good and bad, she felt confident that her flight plan could only lead to a command of her own. And right she was.

Following a particularly difficult Search & Rescue Mission where Commodore Wayne assumed the function of Squadron CO and Paula that of Acting CO on the Swiftsure, Cdre Wayne decided to step down. One more wartime promotion saw Paula become Commanding Officer of the USS Swiftsure.

In December 2383, after the USS Swiftsure was whirled into the Outer Perseus arm, Paula married Major Aloysius Stark, then the ship's Marine DC. She was promoted to Commodore mid-2384. In January 2385 their children Anna and Michael Chapman Stark were born.

USS Poseidon (Sovereign) & Carrier Group One - CO
In May 2385, Paula was reassigned as CO of the USS Poseidon and the whole Carrier Group One (USS Shran and USS Tethys), thus becoming the seniormost Flag officer for the Outer Perseus Operation.

USS Avalon
(Avalon class)
Farlong Reefs Sector Commander

Over Spring 2386, following new developments, Paula was offered a sector command of her own in Federation territory and became the CO of the first Avalon class starship: the Transwarp capable USS Avalon class NCC 76262-A. Early that year, the family adopted a young alien girl named Ryka Huren.



Standard Federation school education
Junior atmospheric flight club (licensed)
Aerobatics club
Junior space flight competition (Earth, Lunar and Martian orbitals - twice co-winner in team figure flying)
Senior space flight competition (extra orbital, once winner of the Earth-Moon-Earth race)


Medical Profile

. Paula (Chapman) Stark keeps herself well above fitness requirements with a weekly routine.
. Severe plasma burns sustained at 17 have led to heavy reconstruction.
. Non significant alterations of sections Y2A and B2U can be observed by comparative analysis of her brain map. Her ability to perform under stress, coordination and reflexes are unaffected. Episodic watch of reported symtoms is scheduled on a quarterly basis.
. The full battery of command personnel testing for physiological, intellectual and psychological aptitudes have been renewed with passing scores. Paula (Chapman) Stark is therefore considered fit for command duty.

- Cdr Martin Paulsen, C.M.O

Psychological Profile

Paula Chapman's life was marked by a collection of difficult, sometimes traumatic episodes that were as many metaphoric deaths, giving way to rebirths as she kept reinventing herself. The core markers of her psychological being however were never lost: Paula Chapman is forever a pilot, instinctive and self-reliant, if maturity has brought her the knowledge that she is better for having a home, friends and a family to call her own.

Paula Chapman's commitment to the ship and her duties have brought her the loyalty of her staff and crew.

- Commander Alejandro Mateo, Ship's Counsellor


Service Record


Graduates from Starfleet Academy as Ensign. Assigned to the USS Silverstone (Akira class) as Flight officer.


Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Transferred to Navigation.

2373 Transferred to the USS Artemis as Conn officer.
2374 Promoted to Lieutenant 2375: Made Chief Conn officer
2375 Made Chief Conn Officer
2376 Reassigned to the USS Lehmann (Olympus class, Medical ship) as Chief Conn. Transferred to Operations.
2377 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Chief of Operations. Made Second Officer at the end of the year.
2379 Promoted to Commander and transferred to USS Swiftsure as First Officer on stardate 59481.8
Promoted to Captain and made Commanding Officer of USS Swiftsure on stardate 59803.6


The USS Swiftsure is reported missing with all hands early in 2380. The ship reappeared early in 2383 in orbit of Earth after a temporal jump of 3 years. **Details classified**

2384 Promoted to Commodore while serving in the Outer Perseus Operation
2385 Senior Flag Officer of the Outer Perseus Operation - CO of USS Poseidon NCC 89515
2386 Senior Flag Officer & Farlong Reefs Sector Commander - CO of USS Avalon NCC 76262-A


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