Lieutenant Kyla, Chief Medical Officer

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Place of Birth Unknown



Date of Birth Early 2340's


Mid 40's

Marital Status Single


Dark chocolate

Eyes Gold


1m75 / 5' 9"

Weight 75 kg / 165 lbs

Skin Tone

Medium grey

Physique Slim, athletic


Looks in her mid 20's. Kyla has pointy ears, ellipsoid vertical pupils, prominent canines in upper and lower jaw, strong nails…in short, a felinoid ancestry. Her dark purple blood makes for gray skin, dark gray nail plates, tongue and gums. Short, usually slightly messy hair covers her head, scars and tattoos cover parts of her skin.



Ktrell are a small race of vagabonds, traveling and trading in clan groups scattered throughout the galaxy. They are long-lived, usually reaching 180 Standard years or more. Not much else is known about them. They interact with other people as merchants, artisans or mercenaries. People who have encountered them speak of them as honorable helpers or ruthless killers.





Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Prefers to walk barefoot. Usually carries her own set of chopsticks around with her. When upset or plagued by nightmares, runs through holodeck sims until she drops from exhaustion.



Running and martial arts to relieve pressure, to calm her mind. Herbal and other 'folk remedies' and their complementary use in modern medicine.



To find peace. To be a good Starfleet officer and doctor.



Spicy food. Quiet. Wide open natural spaces. A good work-out with a capable sparring partner.



Shoes. Scientists and stick-a-needle-into-you medical researchers. Bullies, and people who let themselves be bullied. Matter transport, 'beaming', especially over long distances. Bureaucrats, especially if they are her superiors.



Excellent 'bedside manners', usually. Compassionate and committed towards her patients. Holistic approach, sees the person, not just the disease. Has good memory for faces and places.



Is a bit of a loner outside a professional context. Slight tendency to be a doctor first, a Starfleet officer second, which has gotten her in trouble with superiors in the past. On a bad day, has a predator's aura which doesn't help with social interactions. Has a good memory for faces and places. It takes her a while to overcome a grudge.



A natural at martial arts, though her style is less artful and more 'streetwise'. Her unusual healing ability once even extended to another person besides herself, but she won't talk about it. Also has the knack to suppress in unsuspecting people's consciousness the awareness of her presence (e.g., you enter a turbolift car, Kyla is already inside. You're not expecting her to be there, and she's not in the mood for conversation. You eyes may see her, your ears may hear her, but that information never makes it to your conscious mind, and you remain totally unaware of her presence. You may experience some uneasiness, but unless you bump into her you'll never know she's there).



Federation Standard, Bajoran, Cardassian, Ktrell


Personal History


Kyla's parents worked on a merchant vessel when that ship was taken by Cardassian. Her father was killed during the raid, Kyla and her devastated mother along with the other surviving crew were brought to a Cardassian mining camp.

Kyla was about 9 years old when she became an orphan. Her hatred for her captors let her survive several more months until she managed to escape. As a stowaway on cargo and passenger transports she reached settlements closer to Federation space. On one of these young colonies fighting against Cardassian domination Kyla saved the life of a Starfleet Intelligence operative. In return, the man brought her into the Federation and placed her in a public orphanage.

From age 12 on Kyla was in several Child Services facilities and family placements. Until she was about 15 she ran away several times, to find her rescuer, avenge her parents and find people of her own species. Only the latter objective met with some success, but the Ktrell she found were too weird to stay with them. She also had some contact with Bajoran refugees and anti-Cardassian groups.



At age 18, Kyla, sort of reformed, with a general education and a Federation citizenship, was released from Child Services care. In prior years she had seen the suffering and need of the people in conflict and disaster areas, and she had developed an urge to help.

She was admitted to Medical School at Cochrane University on Alpha Centauri and began to study General Medicine. She finished in 2366 with a post-grad degree in Disaster Medicine. Eager to use her new skills to help those in need she went to work with Federation humanitarian projects at Bajoran and colonist refugee camps.

No two years later Kyla was in contact with pre-Maquis resistance groups, supplying medication and medical care where possible. As the dissatisfaction with the Federation's inaction grew, she met active Maquis groups and joined the fight in between taking care of rebel wounded. Early on she hated to see non-combatants get hurt and killed during the bombings and violent Cardassian retaliation.

In 2373 the rescuer from her childhood appeared suddenly and convinced Kyla to leave the Maquis and join his secret ops team. Thus she escaped the annihilation of the Maquis by the combined Cardassian-Dominion forces. Enraged by his deception at first, she fought with his strike team against Dominion forces, driven by revenge for her killed friends. Long before the end of the war, though, Kyla realized that killing the enemy didn't really lessen her inner pain.

She quickly separated from the strike team when the Dominion War ended.


Officially, Kyla had never left the humanitarian organizations and there never was proof that she ever had participated in Maquis operations. Or in any Starfleet anti-Dominion missions. Early 2376 found her on Cardassia with another Federation humanitarian project. Seeing the suffering of the Cardassian people and the beginning of democratic government, Kyla's hatred for them abated almost completely.

Soon, though, humanitarian work lost most of its fascination for her, and Kyla was looking for a new challenge. She decided to discover her roots, find any remaining Ktrell relatives. Her experiences during those years convinced her that she was too estranged from her own kind. She realized that one of the few possible places to find any kind of home in and make use of her medical skills could be Starfleet.

She applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. Her medical degrees and previous work experience were accredited, but still her years at the Academy were both demanding and exciting. Kyla graduated from Sf Ac in 2385 to serve aboard the Excelsior-class USS Berlin – on mostly humanitarian aid missions. In 2388 she was posted to the USS Avalon.


Medical Profile

Medical Report

Kyla appears to be in top physical condition, though not much data on her species is available. She refuses to be the subject of more research in that area. This is regrettable since her body possesses a remarkable capacity for self-repair very uncommon in most humanoids. An experimental incision to her forearm closed and disappeared within minutes. This healing ability seems to have an upper limit, though, as there are several scars and burn marks on her backside and left shoulder. She admits to sporadic discomfort in those areas but so far has refused treatment or removal of the affected tissue. […]

- Dr Philip de Havilland, Starfleet Academy


Pyshoclogical Report

Kyla still has a tendency to isolate herself from her peers, though she shows great compassion and commitment to her patients. Traumatic events in her life have left some edges in her personality, but during her years at the Academy I have seen these being smoothed. I am certain that with time and new tasks her personal growth will continue and Kyla will make an excellent medical officer.

- Dr Beatrice Mbuto, Counsellor, Starfleet Academy

Kyla shows total commitment to her work. Excessively so for a junior officer. I have recommended that she take a step back and make some time for herself and begin to use her holodeck privileges. And that she get more sleep. Her coworkers and her patients in the Romulan refugee settlement planetside now profit from her well-balanced and rested state.

- Counsellor Kopht, USS Berlin




General Education (Federation Standard EduSys)
Cochrane University Medical School, Alpha Centauri


Service Record


Starfleet Academy


USS Berlin

  2388 USS Avalon - ACMO
  2389 USS Avalon - CMO - Lieutenant on stardate 11301.01

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