Lieutenant Commander Michael Moses, Deputy Chief of Security

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Michael Moses



Place of Birth Earth, California, San Francisco



Date of Birth April 1, 2346



Marital Status Divorced 3 times



Eyes Blue


6 ft

Weight 190 lbs

Skin Tone

Caucasian, ruddy

Physique Healthy and vigorous. Tattoo on right rear shoulder, 1” in diameter, Bajoran symbol


MotherAryan Danal Moses, Botanist, deceased
Father Matthew Moses, Starfleet Intelligence
Rebecca, Njal, Dariel

Lt Commander

Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Gregarious, quick-witted, can be aloof at times. Always up for a good time. Furrowed brow when pensive. Loyal to a fault. Nods in approval constantly during conversation. The sudden silence would be a sign of disapproval.



Horseback riding, swimming. Holodeck enthusiast. Enjoys period pieces and has several long-running programs that he includes friends in.



At one time wanted to pursue a career in Intelligence like his father, but he created his own obstacles along the way. Still nags at him.



Playing cards, drinking. Smart women.



Bullies and injustice. Andorian films.



Resilient and hard-working. Well versed in cultural relations.



Playing cards, drinking. Smart women. A sometimes flippant attitude.



Thinks outside the box and relishes playing off others’ strengths. Knows how to ingratiate himself in new surroundings.



Federation Standard - English - Jardanian, Andorian, Bajoran


Personal History

Childhood and adolescence

Raised in San Francisco, Moses excelled at both sports and drawing the ire of the local officials. His immediate friends all hailed from the North Beach area where he spent his formative years. His father, being in Intelligence, was frequently gone, yet yielded enough power to extract Mike from several scrapes early on.

His mother, taken hostage with several others, as an attempt to deal with an Intelligence operation gone awry, lost her life when Moses was 15. This caused a rift between Moses and his father, which eventually was resolved as the younger Moses was finishing his high school studies.


2364-2368 - Starfleet Academy

At the Academy he was consumed with his studies...and smart women. He somehow managed to balance his efforts and do exceptionally well. He proved adept at acquiring languages and had a proclivity for anything having to do with security systems, tactical operations, weaponry and exigent operations. Final exams found him doing quite well, however, his limited interviews with Intelligence officials fared poorly because of his personal affairs. It was decided that he would fare best given some structure on the more aggressive vessels in the fleet.

2368-71 [USS Kodiak] 2371-72 [Maquis prison camp]
2372-73 [Starfleet Headquarters]
2373-88 [USS Leeds]

Assigned to a patrol vehicle near the Wormhole, Moses and his mates conducted a number of runs to the Gamma Quadrant. His linguistic skills were invaluable. Moses’ vessel spent a great deal of time at DS9. It was during this time he married Rebecca-he was divorced in short order. On assignment, Moses and several others of an Away Team, were taken prisoner by a Maquis raiding party. The group spent one year in the custody of the Maquis, being moved from encampment to encampment.

Once freed from captivity, Moses and the others were assigned to STHQ in San Francisco where they were utilized to supply intelligence on Maquis activities and help with the planning stages of numerous operations to apprehend at-large Maquis cell members. Their work carried them to and from SF to DS9. It was during this time Moses married and then divorced Njal.

Moses was eventually assigned to Security aboard the USS Leeds and saw extensive fighting during the Dominion War. Immediately following the War, he married Dariel-they divorced within two years.

Moses spent the next decade aboard the same vessel. He gained the confidence of his superiors and was included in the majority of Away Team missions. His transfer to the Avalon came after much soul-searching on his part. His desire for the unknown overwhelmed his exploits and stature aboard the Leeds.


Medical Profile

Medical/Psychological Report

Moses is remarkably fit for someone who is overly active, and has seen the
amount of turmoil during the Dominion War. His file, especially from his endeavors during the War, is prolific, but he takes care of himself
and follows a tremendous training regimen.

Doctor Eruyon Alz
Starfleet Medical, San Francisco

Michael ‘Mike’ Moses is grounded and fit for duty. His skills and desire to
serve outweigh any perceived weaknesses in character. He is affable and open. He’s a learned man who is sincerely interested in the safety and welfare of  others. He has no compunction in speaking about his wartime activities, his incarceration at the hands of the Maquis, or the relationships with women or off-duty activities. He is forthcoming about his past, including his failed marriages and is not bitter in the least.

He is quite respectful of both women and men alike. He sees these marriage scenarios as ‘fluid involvements’ where neither he, nor his wives were ready for long-term commitments. I do not see these affinities becoming an obstacle to his work life.

I have been in contact with Counsellors that have dealt with Moses in the past and find that he is fit for duty. All evaluations showed that he can be compulsive, but in the long run, pragmatic about his station in life. If handled candidly, Moses responds quite well. In short, because of his candor, abilities and background, I find him suitable for service aboard the Avalon. He will be an asset to our crew.

- Commander Avery Breaux, Ship's Counsellor




Standard Federation school education-Galileo HS, SF, CA
Starfleet Academy


Service Record


USS Kodiak

2371-2372 Maquis prison camp


Starfleet Headquarters


USS Leeds


DCOS, USS Avalon, Lieutenant Commander



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Service Ribbons

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Mission Awards


USS Avalon

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  Honeymoon in Farlong
All of Our Tomorrows
The Break
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Farlong Reefs
mission ribbon mission ribbon mission ribbon Mission Ribbon
The Lost Colony
On the Road Again

USS Poseidon

Mission Ribbon Mission Ribbon Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Winds of Change
Apple of Discord
Into The White
The Darkest Hour

Sim Awards

  Award Award Award
  Star for Loyalty & Merit
11009.19 - 11106.19 - 11301.01
Conspicuous Service Cross
11005.21- 11106.19- 11208.07
Act of Distinction
  McCoy Cluster
Honour of Excellence award
Companion of Honour award
  McCoy Cluster
Honour of Excellence
Companion of Honour Award

Fleet Awards

Fleet Award      
Sixth Fleet
Meritorious Unit Citation