Lieutenant Harmon Rabb, Chief Conn Officer (CCO)

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Harmon Rabb



Place of Birth Siberia, Earth



Date of Birth 5 January, 2355



Marital Status Single, never been married


Dark Brown

Eyes Green


1m80 / 5' 10"

Weight 102 kg / 225 lbs

Skin Tone


Physique Average build


Harmon is generally a reserved individual to start with, but once you get to know him (and he, you) you have a friend for life.



Mother Mother: Olga Zhukov (Deceased)
Father Nickolai Zhukov (Deceased)



Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Can be reserved (suspicious even) when first meeting someone. Clicks (snaps) his fingers when nervous.


Loves word puzzles and long distance running.


To be the best in his field, whatever that is.


Vanilla ice cream, reading, cats.


Bullies, Klingon Opera, Alcohol (will never drink).


Has an unshakeable belief in his own abilities and will often push himself (and equipment) past recommended levels.


Has no time for bullies or fools and is often too quick to speak his mind, when a more diplomatic tact may be called for. Is a bit of a commitment phobe when it comes to relationships, deep down he is scared that he will turn out like his father.


Is a brilliant pilot. Also has higher than average reflexes, possibly due to his upbringing (see childhood and adolescence).


Federation Standard, Russian, English, French and a smattering of Vulcan.


Personal History

Early life

Harmon was actually born Sergei Zhukov to an alcoholic father and abused mother. His father was a miner in one of the remotest mines in Siberia and resented his lot in life. He regularly beat his wife and infant son before drinking himself into oblivion. Sergei developed an almost uncanny set of reflexes as a result of attempting to avoid his father’s blows. This may have even saved his young life.

When Sergei was 11, his father beat his mother to death before disappearing into the night. His body was discovered a week later in a frozen alley. Sergei was sent to a foster home before being found and adopted by his father’s previously unknown half brother, Nicholas Rabb. He was taken to live in California and from that point his life took a turn for the better and he was nurtured, loved and given the best education that his adoptive parents could afford.

At the age of 15, Sergei legally changed his name to Harmon Rabb after his late paternal grandfather. Harmon worked hard to eradicate any trace of Russian accent from his voice and has attempted to forget his previous life as Sergei. Hoping to make his adopted father proud, Harmon joined Starfleet Academy at the age of 17, having barely passed the entrance exams.

Starfleet Academy

Despite initially struggling with maths and geospatial physics, Harmon showed an aptitude for flying. Immediately he dismissed a career as a fighter pilot and opted for starship piloting as a speciality. Thanks to a fellow classmate, Sarah Mackenzie, Harmon managed to improve his grades and, after an unremarkable 4 years, finished in the top half of his graduating class. The one standout moment for him was coming second in the senior marathon in his fourth year.

Starfleet Career

From his first moment at the helm of a starship on his trainee cruise, Rabb’s path as a CONN Officer was set. One of his instructors even went as far as noting in a sealed report that ‘the boy is a natural’.

A short 3 years after graduating as an Ensign, Rabb had been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned to the Transwarp Project as a Test Pilot. He worked hard and became obsessed with getting the best results out of the Transwarp test flights. By the time he was made Senior Test Pilot he had an equally long list of commendations and reprimands. He was removed from the project after exceeding safety parameters on a test flight. Despite the test flight being a success and disproving earlier thoughts on the limit of Transwarp drives, no other pilot would recreate the flight.

Developing a reputation as a pilot that ‘got things done’, Rabb was then posted to the Sovereign class USS Deliverance, often being ‘temporarily detached’ from his ship to Starfleet Intelligence as a ‘test pilot’. In reality this saw him being thrown together with temporary crews to perform missions that would ordinarily be considered publicly unacceptable.

It was during one of these temporary detachments that Lieutenant Commander Rabb, then Chief CONN Officer aboard the Deliverance, struck a superior officer, Captain Wendy Walker, and disobeyed a lawful command.

His disobedience saved the lives of a 10 man covert intel team but he was still court martialled and reduced in rank and seniority to Lieutenant.
Harmon has spent the last 12 months as General Aide to Admiral Bud Roberts at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth.



Medical Profile

Medical Report

This officer is fit for duty. – Lt Marx, SFHQ

Psychological Report

After seeing Lieutenant Rabb for over a year of counselling following his court martial, I can recommend this Officer be returned to Operational status. Further details of his treatment remain confidential and will be released to the counsellor at his next posting on request. – Commander Tanya Hardy, Starfleet HQ




Basic Federation Standard Education.


Service Record

2372- 2376

SF Academy, Conn - Trainee Cruise: USS Yeager

2376- 2379

Ensign - CONN Officer - USS Emerson, Nova-class


2379- 2382

Lieutenant Junior Grade - Transwarp Project

  2382-2387 2382 – 2383 Lt(jg) CONN Officer - USS Deliverance, Sovereign-class
2383 – 2384 Lt Asst Chief CONN Officer - USS Deliverance
2384 – 2386 Lt Chief CONN Officer - USS Deliverance
2386 – 2387 LtCdr Chief CONN Officer - USS Deliverance
  2387-2388 Lieutenant - In custody, awaiting court martial, Earth
  2388-2389 Lieutenant - Aide to Admiral Roberts - SFHQ, Earth


Lieutenant - Chief CONN Officer - USS Avalon


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Service Ribbons

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Mission Ribbons

USS Avalon

      Honeymoon in Farlong

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Fleet Awards


    Sixth fleet CinC DSO Sixth Fleet OMS
    Sixth Fleet CinC Distinguished Service Order Sixth Fleet
Order of Meritorious Service
Expansion Course Ribbon Expansion Course Ribbon Expansion Course Ribbon Command School Ribbon
Sixth Fleet  Expansion Course Ribbon - Conn Sixth Fleet  Expansion Course Ribbon - Engineering Sixth Fleet  Expansion Course Ribbon - Intelligence Sixth Fleet
Command School Ribbon

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  Award Award Award
  Honour of Excellence Decoration of Gallantry Medal of Honour