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This page is dedicated to the old geezers who remember - and future ones who want to know what they missed!
This webmaster proudly claims the colours, the background, the animations and coding mistakes as fully intentional



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Borrowed Locations

Carthage Colony: an older colony become a touristic rallying point, some 50 LY rimward from Farlong, by the Azure Nebula. Carthage Colony used to be an RPG now on loan from Chuck B. and John B. See the site here.

Outer Perseus Operation (OPA): an area of operations set 50.000 LY from the Federation in the Beta Quadrant after the USS Poseidon and USS Swiftsure travelled there through a dysfunctional wormhole. See the OPA wiki for local information.


ship animation

Special characters and NPCs

The characters below have a recognized potential for superhero syndrom, ie they are too much fun for anyone but the command team to handle their special traits. Take command school and perhaps...

Chance: the Chef and proprietor of the ship lounge The Haven appears to be a middle-aged Human under any and all scrutiny. He is an energy-based Zu'Atu over 2.000 years old. Originating from the galactic centre, he has spent much of this time observing Earth and other civilizations. His identity is known and classified at the highest level. Chance is a near-immortal.

Koena No: (New Daikon) the atypical ambassador of a remote Outer Perseus planet unknown to most but the empire that once tried to conquer it, she comes from a humanoid species where adults develop in phases to become non-corporeal. Still young, her powers limited to perceiving auras and some touch-healing. Mun is considerably advanced but prefers nature and philosophy to technology and commerce. Koena lives her life as a simple observer settling here and there.

Podkayne March: born a genius child, she married Chance in full knowledge of his real nature and made a choice, mid-2387 to become a near-immortal herself - something she is still wrapping her mind around, not to mention his family...


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About us

The USS Avalon PRG has a core crew of veteran simmers whose paths have overlapped for a decade or more.

From Tango Fleet to Hawking Fleet and Sixth Fleet, some of our playing grounds were the original USS Avalon (New Orleans class), the USS Liberty, Carthage Colony, Starbase Tango, and finally the Outer Perseus gameverse shared by the USS Swiftsure, the USS Poseidon and the SS Freedom.

CAUTION: The USS Avalon RPG is an old fashioned sim - an active command team and solid posting weekly!

Commodore Paula Chapman Stark
& the crew of the USS Avalon

Posting style and format

Lest we forget the mission is to have fun

OFF: the following was posted in jest and "out of character" as a reaction to an abrupt mission adjustment... Yes, we can do "fun" too!


== Bridge ==
== current ==

Col. Stark called over to Lt. Hatch from the command seat.

"Lieutenant Hatch! Commodore wants you planetside ASAP, double quick and yesterday! Get a move on!"

"You got it, Skipper!" Hatch yelled back. "That means I'll have to use the Time Warp maneuver." He stepped away from the Tactical station.

"I hate that thing,' Stark grumbled.

Hatch began...

"It's just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
Let's do the Time Warp again!"

With that there was a flash and Lt. Hatch disappeared and was replaced by Lt. Romalis from the planet who had a more than surprised look on his face.

"I hope you're not gonna' do that pelvic thrust thing too," Stark remarked to Romalis.


1LT Owen Hatch
Chief of Security


USS AVALON NCC-76262-A : "We hold the line"