Avalon-class Command Cruiser NCC-76262-A


Farlong Reefs


Area of OperationsMandukar MoonbaseEruhe IV / New Daikon Nepenthe II Ramani IV OutpostSancerre Outpost Mining Operation



Uss AvalonThe area of operation is located in the Beta Quadrant. Some comfortable distance from Nausicaa, it is set 150 LY away from Earth, Vulcan, Benzar, Qonos and Romulus.

Generally known as the Farlong sector, it is also referred to as Farlong Reefs or the Reefs for the remnants of a stellar collision scattered across this region of space, most of it forming a loose ring prone to ion storms.

Its main Starfleet assets comprise Moonbase Mandukar and its shipyards, fit to greet the task force that supports the mission of the USS Avalon, part of the Sixth Fleet.

At the time of the USS Avalon's assignment, the Reefs were vastly unpopulated. A space mining operation gave rise to a settlement and some trading traffic. Only one colony of two started in this area of space was still active. As of the start of 2388, two new colonies and outposts have been created.

• General Mission Orders

In the mid 80's, the Federation Council and Starfleet agreed on the strategic necessity to implement new sector commands in under-developed territories close to the Federation core. Farlong Reefs encompasses several grid sectors on the Federation map beyond its Reef-enclosed core, an opportunity created by the advent of the Transwarp drive and the Avalon-class starship.

Led by the USS Avalon as its flagship, the taskfroce will be breaking new ground at the heart of the Federation, while supporting a growing civilian presence.

Aiding with new colonies, making a detailed exploration of the Farlong sector, patrolling for Nausicaan pirates, ensuring diplomatic contacts with nearby civilizations or escorting mining convoys: these are but some of the duties the Avalon spaceship and her crew will perform in-between less expected situations, drawing them from Romulan territory to the alternate universe of ABOD-302.


Mandukar Moonbase
Moonbase & shipyards - CO: Captain Vron (npc, Bzzit Khaht insectoid)
Mandukar moonbase is set in a crater; it was expanded from original installations and is therefore atypical, a collection of small and medium size domes organized in nodes.

The undergound Tube serves a few stops around the moonbase and also links with the shipyards built inside the walls of a nearby crater. The moonbase domes are interconnected by surface passages. The moonbase Ops and most crew quarters are located below the surface.

A Chief JAG Officer is based off Mandukar, as well as a Construction Engineering Team developing the moonbase and building Starfleet installations as needed across Farlong Reefs.


421st Fighter Squadron
421st Fighter Squadron "The Black Widows" - CAG: Lt Danna 'Vixen' Tyree

The 421st is a feature of Mandukar Moonbase's tactical defences, tasked with in-system patrolling as well as with any emergency situation as required.


Mandukar Starfleet Security is complemented on occasion by a Federation Police Unit based off the moon. Led by Chief Detective Nathan McClure, the main role of this police force is to patrol the sector and substitute for a local police presence on the new colonies.


ERUHE IV New Daikon Colony

New Daikon

Eruhe IV, orbited by moon Mandukar became home to the New Daikon colony late in 2386.

Under Colonial Administrator Ito Yoshida, the displaced Daikon colonists have endeavoured to develop the M-class planet, avoiding the pitfalls of large cities or industrial exploitations.

The capital city is Edo City at the heart of which sits the Old Town quarter, deriving its name from the initial base camp now transformed into quaint shops and pubs. Newer buildings have been erected among and beyond the park belt, such as a university and a medical school.

In 2388, Grand Cascades became the second colonial town; it sits deep in a mountain range, surrounded by multiple waterfalls and vast forests.


NEPENTHE II Congregation of Dareg

Leader MellonNepenthe II was settled mid-2382 by the Congregation of Dareg, part of the Order of the Living Heart, under the leadership of Mellon.

The Congregation broke its isolation after the USS Avalon fought a revengeful ploy from a former Federation Council member to destroy it.



RAMANI IV Outpost & Colony

Ramani IV

Ramani IV is an L-class planet one week rimward off Mandukar; it is a jigsaw of landmasses separated by multiple inner seas. Days are long and the good season short, but the planet is in the upper hospitable class for this type.

At the end of 2387, Captain Jules Cormack arrived aboard the USS Astrolabe. The Astrolabe is more particularly attached to the scientific exploration and patrolling of this section of Farlong Reefs.


SANCERRE SYSTEM Science Outpost Rho-X


Sancerre OutpostSancerre is set one week coreward from Mandukar and close enough to the Reefs to warrant the installation, mid-2387 of a science outpost to survey the asteroid field and the constant ion flux running through the Ring.

Outpost Rho-X is the very last of the older Rho series of science outposts that will be built; it is set on the only planet in the Sancerre system, an ice ball with a thin, toxic atmosphere. The inmates nicknamed it Rotten Outpost.

The CO is Captain Daraan, a Denobulan officer and scientist.


VALENCIA FIELDS Mining Operation

Valencia Mining Ops

Valencia Fields is a space mining operations opened by Argonaut Resources at Gamma 2 Leonis.

The mining ops predates Starfleet's presence in the sector; its original survey teams were once settled at Mandukar.


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