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Over the years and as we moved on from ship to gameverse, we accumulated a wealth of posts, websites,
mission summaries and wikis that will... somehow, someday... be cleaned up and assembled as a single resource.
Until such time all are welcome to browse the strata of years of simming, starting with the wiki link above.

Below is an index of all the missions we enjoyed on the Uss Swiftsure and USS Poseidon (2004-2010).


USS POSEIDON LOGS - 2008 to 2010

  Shoreleave > Earth  


Mission ribbon Winds of Change  

Leaving Shalloo, the Poseidon crew is looking forward to exploring more of White River when a recall order is brought through. The starship and crew go one last time through the "Rabbit Hole" to return to the Federation Cube.
The Alliance is no longer desirous to let foreign ships wander at will around the OPA or use vortices. While diplomacy may restore a measure of freedom for Starfleet in the long run, the general orders of Federaton starships present in Outer Perseus are significantly restricted.
In this light, Commodore Paula Chapman Stark and a number among the crew decide on reassignment to Federation territory, where they will serve aboard the brand new USS Avalon, NCC-76262-A. (May-June 2010)


Mission ribbon Apple of Discord  

The USS Poseidon is travelling through one of the void regions of the White River when they locate two star systems. Approaching one and its M class planet, they find two less-than-advanced starships executing an ill-advised maneuver that puts an outpost in grave danger. The Poseidon intervenes and meets the Sunnars and MoïMoï, respectively a snake-like and frog-like species that developed on the same planet in the second star system.

After a history of feuds, the Sunnars and the MoïMoï achieved comparative peace and created a weak joint Parliament. Since the recent discovery of an M class planet among the one star system within their reach, conflicts over its exploitation is broiling. During a diplomatic mission to the Shalloo Parliament, discussions degenerate. Commodore Chapman stays as a willing hostage until claims of treachery on both sides have been investigated with help from the Poseidon crew.

What is revealed is the existence of an alien species from beyond the void. Worried by the aggressive nature of the Sunnars and MoïMoï, who will soon be able to push exploration into their own realm, the Shukas conspired to have both discover the planet that would become an apple of discord, furthermore planting extra knowledge in the memory of some MoïMoï scientists to raise suscipions among the Sunnars that the species was getting outside help and planned a takeover.

Their plan discovered, the Shukas are sent home while the Sunnars and MoïMoï thrive to learn their lesson and collaborate once again to build the future.


  Shoreleave > White River  


Mission ribbon Into the White  

An access point into a limited subspace network has been found within the confines of the Federation Cube itself. After some testing, the USS Poseidon travels through with a one year mission to explore the White River expanse, several hundred light years from the OPA.

Strange events start taking place while the ship is progressively enveloped in a white cloud that sips inside the Poseidon. The crew is progressively forced to step through what seems like openings leading to a bleak landscape where time and distance don't follow usual rules.

While the crew organizes to survive, the shuttle transporting an away team mission finds the ship again and manages to disrupt the cloud. The crew find themselves back aboard the ship. Did they ever leave? The nature of the cloud will remain a mystery.

  Christmas Break & Shoreleave > Starbase Perseus    
Mission ribbon The Darkest Hour  

The Carrier Group One heads to Artex for a high risk mission in order to destroy the shipyards that the Kells have just established there.
The Federation and the Alliance then form a task group and, with unexpected help from non corporeal beings, they close the portal that allowed the Kells entrance into the galaxy.
The United Terran Space Navy defeats a Kell task force aiming for the planet with help from the Xin. In the aftermath, the free Xin develop a counter virus program and reunite with all Xin that had fallen under Kell control. The former slave ships set out to wipe the remainder of Kell forces still abroad in Outer Perseus.
The OPA enters a time of reconstruction but also an era of peace and collaboration unheard of recent millennia. A second Alliance summit is in the plans to which the Federation is invited in order to negotiate the terms of a full treaty with the Outer Perseus Alliance.

Mission ribbon Child's Play  

While the CO is away, the crew is infected by a tiny host that slowly turns their mental clock back, making them children in adult bodies. When enough have succombed, the ship and crew find themselves in dire jeopardy.

  Shoreleave > OPA    
Mission Ribbon New Journeys  

While investigating a space phenomena, the USS Poseidon is pulled into a tunnel part of an old, damaged subspace network. After some adventures at Daoudi Jabah in the Margosian Sea, some 1.000 LY away, they return only to be embroiled in the Kell war.

Mission ribbon Changes (WWLB pt 2)  

Things have gone topsy-turvy in the Federation Cube! Following the theft of the Elosian egg found during the "Nova" mission, Commodore Christopher refuses to give up the hunt and has resigned his commission. Commodore Paula Chapman Stark, just finished with Headquarters' review of her command style, finds herself the only remaining Flag officer in Outer Perseus... What does it mean for the future and the USS Swiftsure crew?

** Important information: our sister sim relocates itself aboard a non Federation ship, the SS Freedom. The Swiftsure crew will take over the Poseidon, and all of us continue in the Outer Perseus gameverse **

USS SWIFTURE LOGS - 2004 to 2008

Mission ribbon What we leave behind  
Commodore Chapman is temporarily relieved on debatable medical grounds. Is Starfleet really re-evaluating its Flag officers in Outer Perseus?

Meanwhile, Captain Romannelle Podhigar is placed in command of the USS Swiftsure. Ship and crew head out to explore space beyond the Belina system (see 'Nova' in nov. 2007), where a surprise encounter will lead to even more surprising discoveries. (February 8 - )
  Joint Shoreleave > Perseus Complex, Merid and K'Tan  
The USS Swiftsure and USS Poseidon share shoreleave time while the former undergoes final repairs at the Perseus Complex. (January 1 - February 7)


Mission ribbon

Terror on Terra [Swiftsure-Poseidon JM]   The Swiftsure crew rendez vous with the Carrier Group One. On United Terra, a summit has been organized to determine the formation of an Alliance of Planets to help face a new menace. (November 8 - December 31)

Mission ribbon

Bounty: Wallibi Maku   The crew has been returned from their brutal exile to a damaged Swiftsure. Mysterious entities produce an empty alien ship, the Wallibi Maku, for the crew to return home. (October 11 - November 7)

Mission ribbon

Tesseract   The entire crew is abducted in the middle of a proms and awards ceremony. Alone or in small groups, they find themselves marrooned on various unknown worlds. Is there even a way home? (September 1 - October 11)
  Shoreleave & Summer Break > Vermillion   The USS Swiftsure finds an uninhabited planetoid with a view for some layover. (August 1 -- September 1).
Mission ribbon Inherit the Stars   Only the fearless may navigate the Tenebor Expanse - and find there a lot more than meets the Eye. (May 1 - July 31)
  Intermission > USS Swiftsure   The away team has returned and enjoys a very brief interlude aboard. (April 26 - May 1)
Mission ribbon Full Moon   An away team on a desert moon is compromised when a pre-warp world launches a lunar mission. Mission led by Lt Cdr Durek, XO (Mars 5 - April 25)
  Joint Shoreleave > Delusia   The crew of the USS Swiftsure and USS Poseidon make their first stay at Delusia. (February 17 - March 4)
From this point up, posts of the month are replaced by a link to the first post of the mission or shoreleave.
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Mission ribbon

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