Avalon-class Command Cruiser NCC-76262-A



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  Anamnesis   The Malchuki never invited the Federation home again after First Contact. Thirty years later, Commodore Chapman Stark and a skeleton crew are cordially invited to take part in the reenatment of this historical day. It will be one to remember...(Current mission)
  Shoreleave > Mandukar   March 25 - April 6
  Honeymoon in Farlong   Newly-weds Commander Gordon and Ensign Karon set out on what should be an uneventful honeymoon journey home to Benzar, aboard the SS Concorde liner. As they prepare to leave, a Romulan pirate makes a bloody escape from Mandukar. When the cloaked scout ship come to rescue him is destroyed, the motley crew hijacks the Concorde and takes all aboard hostage. The USS Avalon goes in pursuit, starting a game of wits that will play out at transwarp speeds.
  Shoreleave > Mandukar   Janurary 13 - February 2
mission ribbon All of Our Tomorrows  

We thought time was forever.
All timelines seeded by the Progenitors have gone down. Based off the mysterious Oleph Station, in the Multiverse nexus, a handful Avalon survivors led by Paula Chapman are given one chance to undo it all: they must rewrite history in what's left of three of them - three timelines where a Podkayne March unwittingly helped to destroy our galaxy...

  Summer Break   August 6 - August 27
mission ribbon The Break  

At Valencia Fields, a returning comet plays havoc by setting in motion a series of collisions that threaten the Deep Space Two and Valencia Beta facilities near the asteroid belt. It takes the Avalon, its Dirty Dozen and much skill to save the day.

  Shoreleave > Mandukar   June 3 -June 22
mission ribbon Anarchy Mine  

On Papadom, an alien inhabited planet just on the other side of the Reefs, the Pims call for assistance as their weather control systems fail in the worst way. Meanwhile, some social unrest is brewing.

  Shoreleave > Mandukar   March 20 -April 8
Mission Ribbon Wormhole Squared   The Avalon crew is celebrating New Year's Eve at Mandukar with mixed feelings due to the presence of VAdm. Sapete when the Federation end of the Ventresca wormhole is relocated in the solar system. The faceless, enigmatic Teebees that once saved the crew from the Tesseract have a mission for them. Travelling back to the Margosian Sea in Outer Perseus, they face the Quzars once more, witness what the Prentoos did to bring Koshmar to its knees. It is a long hunt for clues until they find Mystery, a planet inhabited by the Teebees before they left the Milky Way. Long lost Ensign Phoenix is given back to them before the last Tesseract is destroyed. Was the Teebee mission really a message to the galaxy?
  Christmas Break & Shoreleave > Ramani IV / Mandukar  

December 12-31

mission ribbon Smoke & Mirrors   The USS Rha'Vir part of the Farlong Task Force is at Ramani IV, building the new outpost that will soon oversse the development of a new colony. When the USS Avalon calls to land a hand, three crewmen are missing in circumstances that seem to implicate Captain Tuppence Lennard. The Avalon crew investigates, unravelling a complex web of deceptions. Is that a pirate treasure at the end of the tunnel?
(November-December 2011)
  Shoreleave > Mandukar    
mission ribbon ABOD-302 part 2   The file on ABOD-302 was closed and sealed top secret. But the space anomaly has reopened, a threat to the entire Reefs perhaps. This time they have no choice but to go back, find the conceptor of the technology and convince them to close the passage - all this navigating through the territories of two empires whose enormous forces are about to meet in a battle for supremacy.
(August-October 2011)
  Summer Break > Mandukar   July 14-31
mission ribbon Farlong Reefs  

After several months of absence from the sector, the crew catches up with local events at Mandukar Moonbase, where things are getting busy.
The purpose of thie mission was to develop the various assets of the Farlong gameverse. It took place part before, part after Summer Break.
(June-August 2011)

  Shoreleave > Earth    
mission ribbon Stardust  

January 2361: the USS Stardust is reported missing with all hands while patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone. January 2387: After more than 25 years, the Romulan Empire confirms the disappearance of the RNS Sienov on the opposite side of the Neutral Zone, at the same stardate. The file is finally closed, mere weeks before the Hobus nova event brings the Avalon to the starbase where the USS Stardust never returned...
From Feb. to May the mission portrayed the survivors of the Stardust and Sienov facing the challenge of their exile on an L-class planet where no one would come looking for them - until the Avalon crew set out to solve the mystery.
(February-June 2011)

  Intermission > Mandukar    
mission ribbon Tutti Frutti  

The USS Avalon is on the way back from Carthage Colony when a dead crewman is found in a holodeck, the cause of death unknown. Under temporary command from a fresh new CO during the absence of Cmdre Paula Chapman, the crew will take the investigation into their own hands.
The mission was an entirely player-driven storyline.
(January 2011)

  Christmas Break & Shoreleave > Carthage Colony  

July 14-31

mission ribbon Repulsion  

The USS Avalon is on its way for a general inspection at Valencia Minefields when a suspect number of civilian freighters is detected heading for Nepenthe II, where the Order of the Living Heart had a congregation settle the planet. The entire Farlong Reefs taskforce will be hard put to defeat a plot of hatred and revenge aimed at destroying the sect and the Tree of Life.
(November-December 2010)

mission ribbon ABOD-302 part 1  

The USS Avalon is concluding a planetary survey when they start chasing after a suspicious ship. The chase takes them back to the Reefs where the alien ship disappears into a spatial rift of their creation. The Avalon is caught in their wake and crosses over... but where to?
(September-October 2010)

  Shoreleave > Mandukar  

Mid September

mission ribbon The Lost Colony  

An asteroid forces the Daikon colony to evacuate the Lassau system. The colonists head out for a new planet and a new start aboard the USS Ranger and the SS Spirit.

After weeks of travelling, the convoy is to stop at Moonbase Mandukar in the Farlong Reefs sector for resupply. When they fail to appear and no trace of the convoy can be found, Commodore Chapman launches a full search and rescue operation among the treacherous Reefs...

Eventually the USS Ranger and SS Spirit are found but the only way to weather the full force of the storm is to dig up holes in large asteroids. Once safe and sound at Mandukar, the colonists discover Eruhe IV and decide to forfeit their earlier choice in favour of this unusual challenge: bringing life to an entire planet.
(Aug-Sept. 2010)

  Summer Break > Mandukar  

July 14-31

mission ribbon

On the road again


After a long shoreleave making up for several years on a deep space assignment, the crew reunites to travel aboad the USS Axcella to Sixth Fleet's Regula Shipyards. There they finally settle aboard the newly completed ship assigned to them.

Admiral Asay presides over the christening ceremony, upon which the USS Avalon goes on a test run. The transwarp leg of the test goes without major incident. The USS Avalon departs for good and reaches Farlong in a matter of days instead of weeks. There they become acquainted with their new port of call, moonbase Mandukar. (June-July 2010)


  Shoreleave > Earth  

** Important information: the USS Poseidon RPG has become the USS Avalon RPG**