Avalon-class Command Cruiser NCC-76262-A



Paula Chapman Stark

Paula Chapman Stark served as fighter pilot, Chief Conn and Chief of Operations. She chose the command path after the Dominion War.
The USS Swiftsure NCC 26543 was her first command, followed by the USS Poseidon, flagship of the Carrier Group One. Paula Chapman applies to her work the rigor of a war pilot, further trained in emergencies as Second Officer on a medical ship. Her command style has mellowed with use. She is married to Lt Colonel Stark. They have three children. Commodore Chapman is also the commander for the Farlong Reefs sector.

Played by: Nathalie

Position: Commanding Officer - USS Avalon - Sector Commander - Farlong Reefs


Gordon is a Benzite. Formerly a Chief Science Officer, he became a First Officer on the USS Swiftsure and later transferred to the USS Poseidon with Commodore Chapman. Gordon is analytical, thorough and a sedate personality. He has developed a quiet sense of humour if he is still puzzled by his fellow crewmembers.



Played by: Joshua


Position: Executive Officer - Chief Science Officer - USS Avalon

Aloysius Stark

Aloysius Stark is the Second Officer and Squadron Leader. A well decorated Fighter Pilot during the Dominion War, he once crashed and burned during combat, bearing the scars for long years. Aloysius Stark is an easy-going individual whose life revolves mostly around duty and family. Previously, he ran the Marine Department on the USS Swiftsure then held the CAG position on the Poseidon. He is married to Paula Chapman Stark. They have two children and adopted a young girl, Ryka, in 2386.


Played by: Mark H.

Lieutenant Colonel
Position: Second Officer - "The Dirty Dozen" SQL - USS Avalon
Harmon Rabb

Harmon Rabb was an early test pilot for the then-developing Transwarp project. Gifted, once demoted, not quite trusted and maybe a little bit of a loose cannon, but he will eventually be relied on in a pinch.



Played by: Craig H.

Position: Chief Conn Officer - USS Avalon
Owen Hatch

Owen Hatch transferred from the USS Swiftsure where his last role as Marine DC XO had him become an officer, before which he was a Marine NCO (Staff Sergeant) and Squadron Leader. "Oppie" Hatch is married to Communication Specialist Gwen Carter Hatch. They have a daughter, Sarah Carter-Hatch.



Played by: John B.

Position: Chief Security Officer (COS) - (Marine) - USS Avalon
Michael Moses

Michaël Moses transferred to the USS Avalon mid-2388 after over an assignment of over a decade on the USS Leeds. His 20 year career includes a long stint as prisoner of the Maquis and service at Headquarters helping to net the organization, followed by active Dominion War service.



Played by: Mo

Lieutenant Commander
Position: Deputy Chief Security Officer (DCOS) - USS Avalon
Viktoria Thorsen

Viktoria Thorsen was assigned to the USS Avalon at the end of Spring 2388. An observer sent by the Federation Council, serving on a starship was far from her own wishes. In the wake of a momentous mission however, Viktoria made up her mind to transfer to Starfleet ranks and became a Security Officer in 2389.



Played by: Viktoria

Position: Security Officer - USS Avalon

Major Ryan "Oddball" Simms is a fighter pilot and the "Dirty Dozen" squadron XO. An Outer Perseus Veteran, he served on the USS Poseidon during the Kell war before transferring back home to the USS Avalon.



Played by:Mallory

Position: Squadron XO - Aerospace (Marine) - USS Avalon
Walter Clark

Walter Clark was a (formerly) retired Starfleet officer. Drafted into the role of Poseidon COE for a few months in 2384, he never went back on retirement again. Walter is an easy going gentleman. He's slow to anger and usually level headed. He treats other crew members more like friends than subordinates. An Uss Avalon officer from the get go, he became COE in January 2389.

Played by: John B.

Position: Chief of Engineering (COE) - USS Avalon
Podkayne March

Podkayne March Doctor March is hailed as the physicist who conceived the Translift that allows personnel transfers between the Alpha Quadrant and Outer Perseus. Late in 2384, she married Chance after an ancient rite. Their son Colin was born in May 2385, their daughter Tabatha in June 2388.
She is temporarily detached at moonbase Mandukar.


Played by: Nathalie

Position: Science Officer - special assignment: intelligence analyst - USS Avalon

Kyla is a Ktrell physician, long-travelled and well versed in humanitarian relief work. The USS Avalon where she transferred mid-2388 is her second assignment with Starfleet but in her mid 40's, she brings with her a lot of prior experience and a holistic approach to medicine. Thanks to her genetic and racial make-up, Kyla still look in her mid twenties and bears signs of a felinoid ancestry (but no tail!). She became acting Chief Medical Officer in January 2389.


Played by: Myka

Position: Chief Medical Officer (CMO) - USS Avalon
Avery Breaux

Avery Breaux has been the crew's counsellor from the times of the USS Poseidon.




Played by: Mo

Lieutenant Commander
Position: Ship's Counsellor - USS Avalon