U.S.S. AVALON: Special Missions

Avalon-class Command Cruiser NCC-76262-A



The Avalon RPG leads one very special mission every year. Below are more extensive mission logs.
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ABOD-302 mission ribbon   ABOD-302

Qodar Desh EmporatorPart I: October-November 2010

The USS Avalon is concluding a planetary survey when they start chasing after a suspicious ship. The chase takes them to the Reefs where the alien ship disappears into a subspace rift of their creation. The Avalon is caught in their wake and crosses over... but where to?

Part II: August-October 2011

The file on ABOD-302 was closed and sealed top secret. But the space anomaly has reopened, a threat to the entire Reefs perhaps. The Avalon crew must go back to find the conceptor of the interdimensional rift device and convince them to close the passage once and for all. This takes them on a perilous journey across two empires whose enormous forces are about to meet at the Divide in a battle for supremacy.

General Mission Note

ABOD-302 (pronounced abode three-oh-two) is the scientific classification for an alternate reality. This one diverges from ours much more than the Mirror Universe. The Federation never came to exist; Betazed and Vulcan are the leader worlds of an oppressive Alliance where non-telepathic species are considered subpar and forced into a protectorate status. The Qodar Desh Emporate is their all time enemy.

For centuries, the Alliance and the Emporate have fought for control of the galaxy; since the last devastating war, the only thing separating them has been the Divide. Until the Avalon changes the balance of power...

Stardust Mission Ribbon   Stardust

USS Stardust - Challenger class
January 2361: the USS Stardust is reported missing with all hands while patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone.

January 2387: After more than 25 years, the Romulan Empire confirms the disappearance of the RNS Sienov on the opposite side of the Neutral Zone, at the same stardate.

The file is finally closed, mere weeks before the Hobus nova event brings the Avalon to the starbase where the USS Stardust never returned. The ship and crew have become legend but has the final word on it really been written yet?

Mission: February-June 2011

General mission note

From Feb. to May the players portrayed the survivors of the USS Stardust and RNS Sienov facing the challenge of their exile on an L-class planet where no one would come looking for them - until the Avalon crew set out to solve the mystery of their disappearance.

This mission was played in two phases, with the first one set entirely from the perspective of the Stardust and Sienov crew from 2361 through 2387, playing the major turning points of their evolving story.

A break brought us back to the Avalon and our characters taking forced leave from their rescue operations along the Romulan border, as they become curious of the Stardust legend and decide to go looking for the wreck. When they catch the echo of a faint distress signal sent long after the Stardust and Rienov went missing, the hunt is on.

The second phase featured this search played concurrently with the latest happenings for the survivors and their descendance, now split in two colonies with a diverging vision of the future; how they were eventually found and where each may decide to go from there.

Special note: several of the Uss Stardust and RNS Sienov characters are now featured as part of the Farlong Reefs gameverse, most noticeably Jules Cormack (CO of the Uss Astrolabe). A few have settled on Ramani IV, Nepenthe II or New Daikon.


All of Our Tomorrows mission ribbon All of Our Tomorrows

A view from Oleph Station

We thought time was forever. Then we ran out of time.

All timelines seeded by the Progenitors have gone down. Based off the mysterious Oleph Station set in a Multiverse nexus, a handful Avalon survivors led by Paula Chapman are given one chance to undo it all: they must rewrite what is left of history - three timelines where a Podkayne March unwittingly helped to destroy our galaxy...

Mission: September 2012-January 2013


General mission note

The first phase of the mission consisted in depicting timelines T1, T2 and T3 in succession, leading up to the point where the galaxy is destroyed. All players featured an alternate version of their characters, or brought in characters new and old.

In the second phase, our own T0 characters were featured as the Avalon literally ran out of time; thanks to Paula Chapman's experience at Lyros III in 2383, a passage was found into the multiverse where the handful who made it were greeted at Oleph Station. Three alternate versions of Podkayne March are extracted from their dying galaxies to provide background knowledge and the insider view.

In the third phase, our characters participated in the ultimate away missions: growingly bold and desperate, they knew they would only get one chance at each. As three shredded timelines were restored, so were the rest of theirs... including our own, although it proved not to be exactly as they had left it.